The, The Disruptor, By Heidi Ledford Essay

The, The Disruptor, By Heidi Ledford Essay

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Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeat; other wise know as CRISPR was first founded in December 1987 (Ledford, 2015) (Whitworth, 2014). The first CRISPR sequence was found in [a bacteria known as] Escherichia coli. and later found to be common in other microbes (Ledford, 2015). This was a big scientific finding because it meant that genes could be edited [in order] to eliminate any harmful diseases, such a sickle cell anemia. Since PCR, polymerase chain reaction allowing a single gene to be amplified, CRISPR is the easiest way to edit genes of any living organism. CRISPR is a huge break through in biotechnology however, it still leaves scientist worried about ethical and safety concerns (Ledford, 2015). In the article CRISPR, The Disruptor, the author Heidi Ledford, touches upon multiple ways this new technology could be used compared to earlier technologies. She also examines the dangers and risks associated if it were to be used outside of the laboratory. The main points the article focused on were the uses and dangers of CRISPR in human, agriculture, and ecosystems.
Earlier biotechnologies that were used to study DNA were time consuming. Many methods needed a lot of research and time to decipher different sequences once the DNA was extracted. This caused the research of genetic disease to be time consuming and progress slowly. Once the sequences were deciphered, the mutation was then planted. This process could be very costly because multiple machines, materials and resources are needed for each experiment. Bruce Conklin was one of many scientists that worked on the tedious task of various genetic diseases found in humans (Ledford, 2015). Before CRISPR was discovered it could cost up to five thousand dolla...

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...till needs more work to make sure that it does not cause harm when it is trying to fix the DNA (2015). CRISPR is in the trial stages for human DNA by testing on smaller animas such as mice. Scientists do not know all the side effects of CRISPR making it unsafe and unethical for testing outside of the lab. I agree that CRISPR is not ready and there is to many risks to start using it outside of the lab to treat genetic diseases.
Many arguments state that CRISPR is just not ready to be used on editing human genes due to the unknown side effects. As technology advances the dangers of CRISPR will be limited and will eventually be safe enough to be used to eliminate harmful diseases on a daily basis. Ledford is one person who thinks that CRISPR will be a great advancement one day. The way the technology is right now it is not safe to use in anything other then experiments.

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