Essay on The Department of Defense’s Use of Private Security Contractors

Essay on The Department of Defense’s Use of Private Security Contractors

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Definition of Terms
Before we begin we must first understand the different definitions of proprietary and contract security operations. There are many definitions and explanations that are used to distinguish between the two but I will use the definitions provided by Fischer, in his book titled Introduction to Security. “Proprietary security operations are those that are “in-house,” or controlled entirely by the company establishing security for its operations” Fischer, Robert; Halibozek, Edward; Walters, David (2012-11-23). Introduction to Security (Kindle Locations 877-878). Elsevier Science. Kindle Edition. A good example of this would be if a company purchases all the equipment and security personnel to provide security functions for the company itself. The employees and equipment is solely used for the security operations of the company and work exclusively for the company. In this type of security operation the company has a greater influence on the employees and what they can and cannot do. It is believed that with proprietary security operations employees have a greater sense of pride with the company since they are from and part of the company. The propriety security operations could offer similar security services that a contract security can. “Contract security services, on the other hand, are those operations provided by a professional security company that contracts its services to a company” Fischer, Robert; Halibozek, Edward; Walters, David (2012-11-23). Introduction to Security (Kindle Locations 880-881). Elsevier Science. Kindle Edition. An example of contract security operations would be the same company identifies a security requirement for their company and hires a professional security company to pr...

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