The Decision: Finding the Right College Essay

The Decision: Finding the Right College Essay

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A student sifts through stacks of once enticing, but now monotonous mail. They all seem to have the same message, pleading with the student to consider attending their school. The letters outline details about certain features the school has that may make them stand out among the crowd. Most of the schools are ones that the student has never even heard of. The student, tired of looking through these boring letters, decides to go online and look at some of the colleges that caught their eye. A student and his parents sit across from each other at the dining room table. Laid out in front of them are papers detailing different college’s financial outlook. They discuss the pros and cons of each school, and talk about how money is a factor to where he goes. Somewhere across the country, a prospective student-athlete is on the phone with a coach from the basketball team. The coach is telling the student all about what the school offers for their major and what kind of players they are trying to recruit. The coach also asks the student questions about normal life as well, trying to establish a solid relationship which can make or break the recruitment process. Leaves are falling on the sidewalk as a different student tours a potential college. He tours all the main buildings while tossing questions at his tour guide about life on campus. The future can be frightening. For many high school students around the world, the future contains going on to college. This decision of where to go to college can be a time-consuming, mentally exhausting, and plain difficult decision. There are multiple ways this can be done. Every school has an on-line website and sends out mail. By scanning through these, students can get a feel for the school is like...

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...d it. By having a plan, the student can save themselves hours of stress because they will not have to go through and research every little detail as their senior year comes to a close. The smartest way to go about making a decision is to make at least one college visit. No letter, web page, or phone call can supersede actually experiencing the college. This is not to say the only item a student should worry about taking tours of colleges. It takes a combination of multiple items to come to a solid and final conclusion on where to go to college. While it may be formidable for a student to think about choosing where to continue college, it can also be an enjoyable process because they student can, for the, decide what kind of experience they want. Students should not be afraid, they need to embrace the process and be ready to enjoy the next four years of their lives.

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