The Debate Between Criminal Nature and Criminal Nurture: William Sheldon Theory

The Debate Between Criminal Nature and Criminal Nurture: William Sheldon Theory

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In mid-19th century there was a debate between criminal nature and criminal nurture. One of the groups, Biologists believes that the genetic mutation that cause human to committing crimes which cannot be influences by the causes of the environment. Other group, sociology-biologist believes that human behavior is causes by the influences of the environment. This essay is to look into the reasoning of each group and studying different types of criminal.

The following will list out the reason of why criminal are nature. First William Sheldon theory, he is one of the psychology in American that study human bodies throughout his whole life. Based on his study, He concludes that every human categorical into three types of human bodies: ectomorphs, endomorphs and mesomorphs. The first two types of human bodies have a lesser possibility of commit crime. However, mesomorphs are described as muscular, gain muscle easily and thick skin. In Older days, William Sheldon uses correlational study discover that a huge portion of the convicts were mesomorphic. Based on Sheldon, they are more potential to commit crime or deviant behaviours due to they have a large physical power. One example would be Israel Keyes. He has huge muscle and classify as mesomorphs categorical. Unfortunately in American, he was a serial killer, rapist, and committed other crimes.

Second Lombroso’s Theory, he is an Italian criminologist and founder of the Italian School of Positivist Criminologist. Through his analysis, “he developed a theory of deviance in which a person’s bodily constitution indicates whether or not an individual is a “born criminal.”(Lombroso, 2000). Before establish this theory, he has done a comparison between soldiers and prisoners and ...

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...s with her sister during middle school and junior high school.

The first example would be Cameron Kocher Murder Case, incident happens in north-eastern Pennsylvania, one of the nine year old boy’s names Cameron Kocher was charges fatally shot a seven year old playmate. Cameron Kocher was playing video games with her play mates at her house. After her playmate mentions that she is better than him at the games, she went to ride snowmobiles with other friends. Cameron Kocher wanted to join her but her parent wouldn’t allow him to join. With the anger, Cameron Kocher retrieved his father rifle loaded it and pointed it out of the window of his home and shot her playmate in her back. After the incident happen, Cameron Kocher without any remorseful feeling and yet telling another playmate. “If you don’t think about it, you won’t be sad.”

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