The Crucible and Why Reputation is Important

The Crucible and Why Reputation is Important

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Many people believe that teenagers are reckless, rude, and untruthful human beings. It seems that teenagers are always under the pressure to “look cool,” and not do anything embarrassing. Reputation means a great deal to many high schoolers, because it seems that you only get one chance to make a good impression. In the Crucible, Abigail and the other girls fear that their reputation will be destroyed if the would be known as witches. Teenagers today have so much pressure on themselves. They have to get good grades, to get into their choice of college. They also are under the pressure to have and keep a good reputation, just as Abigail and the girls of Salem had to keep theirs.

We have all experienced a time during our teenage years when our parents told us not to do something, but we did it anyways, because we thought that we could outsmart our parents and not get into trouble. In the Crucible, the following quote “She made me do it! She made Betty do it!” Abigail is blaming Tituba, for them dancing in the forest, and told everyone that Tituba was with the Devil and that she was a witch. This shows that Abigail and the girls did no want to get in trouble, or confess for dancing in the forest. So they came up with the idea of saying that it was witchcraft and that they were forced upon their own will. In today’s society teenagers are faced with the same type of pressure. When on person gets in trouble, they tend to point the finger at someone else, for mainly one reason: so they do not get into trouble for their wrong doings. In the Salem Witch Trials the girls of Salem told a lie, so they would not get into trouble for dancing in the forest. In the end this caused them to hurt the lives of many men and women who were wrongly accused, because of false accusations. A good reputation is hard to achieve and even harder to keep. Teenagers take their reputation very seriously. One accusation or wrong action can see like the end of the world. Some teenagers believe that if they can blame someone else, then their problems will disappear. But that belief is misinterpreted. Anything that goes around comes around.
Power is a very strapping word.

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If power is given into the wrong hands then there can be major problems, and have the power to blame anyone they wanted. We have all seen a fight happen at school at least once. If you think about it, the witness has the power to blame anyone. The Dean will most likely believe the witness since that person saw the fight and was neutral. In the Crucible, all the girls start screaming. ”I saw Goody Osburn with the Devil! I saw Bridget Bishop with the Devil!” The girls blamed all these men and women for being witches. People during the Salem witch trials believed them because the girls told the judges that they were under a spell, and they saw all these people with the Devil which was their proof. The girls were also officials of the court, which gave them the power to accuse anyone they pleased. It is hard to believe that so many people believed these girls, and their only evidence was that they were under a spell and that they saw so- and-so with the Devil. These girls, especially Abigail abused their powers. In the beginning the girl’s main focus was not getting into trouble about dancing in the forest. Having the power to accuse anyone is very dangerous. Power can make someone become so overwhelmed, that they do not even realize those that they hurt around them.
Monkey see monkey do: an expression describing someone who imitates another persons actions, good or bad. This action is very popular with many teenagers. Teenagers are known to do this kind of action. In gym class if one person starts to get competitive, then the whole gym class does the same. This is what the girls did with Abigail. In the following quote, “Marry Warren: I have no power.” “Girls: I have no power.” This shows tat when Abigail started copying Marry Warren, the other girls did the same. Teenagers are known for using the action, monkey see monkey do. Teenagers imitate other teenagers for many reasons. One major conflict is peer pressure. If one person starts smoking then for whatever reason, that teenager would want to do the same because they almost certainly want to fit in. That is what the Salem girls did with Abigail. Imitating another person’s action is still widely done today, just as it was 312 years ago.

Reputation is a major factor in the lives of teenagers. High schoolers are under the pressure of not doing anything harrowing. One mistake can quickly change their reputation during their high school years. To avoid having a bad reputation and getting into trouble, many teenagers will fib. Abigail and the girls did not want to get in trouble for dancing in the forest so the blamed innocent people of witchcraft. Power can also become a major part of reputation. If on person is given too much power then they will do what they please. Because the girls are the officials of the court people respect them and this raises their status, because before they were just nameless servants. Monkey see, monkey do is used so much in the Crucible. The Salem girls imitated Abigail in the beginning of the story because they thought that it was a good way to get them out of trouble. Teenagers today have as much pressure as the girls had 312 years ago and some things will never change.
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