The Controversial Predicament Essay

The Controversial Predicament Essay

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A pregnant woman patiently waits in an office for doctors to call her up. As she is called up, she feels very nervous and tense. She is told by the doctors to prop her legs on the bed as they get out their surgical devices. Several minutes later, she finds herself being operated for an abortion and sees her newborn being pulled out of her. Unfortunately, it is dead, lifeless, and decapitated. It is later discarded into an incinerator and the mother leaves casually to her home. This situation happens every day and it is seen as a common action like taking a walk. This occurrence should be condemned for the countless lives it has taken away. Abortion is remorseful because it is morally wrong, has negative effects, and promotes racism.
There are many reasons for which abortion is morally incorrect. For example, in the bible, Exodus 20:13 specifically states that “you must not murder” (Bible 104). Influencing the idea to this topic, anyone can conclude that murdering is part of abortion. When abortion is done, the life of an innocent person is taken away. Another reason for which abortion is immoral is because even doctors recognize that what they are doing is regretful. “Nerville Sender, M.D., who runs an abortion clinic [even stated] ‘we know it is killing, but the states permit killing under certain circumstances.’” (Williams 38). An abortion specialist mentioning that he willingly knows it is murder shows that something is wrong with this picture. The reason for abortion being approved is because of the court case Roe vs. Wade. It “effectively legalized abortion throughout pregnancy for virtually any reason, or none at all. It is responsible for the grief of millions of men and women, and the killing of millions of unborn childre...

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.... Besides their rights being denied, science is coming up with reasons so that they should not be born. “Prenatal testing has become so sophisticated that doctors can now identify many disabilities before birth. But since most have no cure, the only way to ‘prevent’ the disability is to prevent the baby’s birth” (Williams 149). There is no good reason to kill a baby just because they have a physical or mental defect. Infants should not be culpable for being created that way and they should not have to suffer just because he/she will have adversities as he/she grows up. It is for these reasons why abortion promotes racism.
Abortion is a horrific action because it is morally wrong, has negative effects, and promotes racism. There is no need to see that abortion is a necessary evil. It should completely be banned so that the lives of future generations can flourish.

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