The, The Condition Of Having Or Being Composed Of Differing Elements Essay

The, The Condition Of Having Or Being Composed Of Differing Elements Essay

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Diversity is,“ the condition of having or being composed of differing elements” ("Diversity."). Diversity is everywhere, from the classroom to a nation as a whole. Many people appear to be different and diverse on the outside, but, when looked upon further, there are many similarities between them just beneath the surface. One of the goals of College in the School, CIS, Literature Analysis is to see these differences, but also to see the similarities between the reader and the characters of the novel to better understand the reasonings behind some of the actions the character takes through the course of the novel. In Honors Literary Analysis the class read many short stories, poems, and dramas so now I look back upon these works and compare myself to four different characters that seem totally different on the surface but are actually quite similar. Phoenix Jackson, Tom Wingfield, Francis Macomber, and Macduff all appear to very different from me, but they do share some surprising similarities.
Phoenix Jackson appears to have the most differences from me with the obvious things such as gender and color, but there are a few similarities. For example, she does not let anything get in her way despite her old age. The narrative states,” Putting her right foot out, she mounted the log and shut her eyes… Then she opened her eyes and she was safe on the other side,” (Arp 225). Like her, I do not let anything get in my way. I keep pushing even if it seems impossible for me to do and get the job done. Also, she, due to bad eyesight, sees a man which actually is a scarecrow. The narrative states,”’ You scarecrow,’ she said. Her face lighted. ‘I ought to be shut up for good,’ she said with laughter. ‘My senses is gone...’” (Arp 225). I hav...

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...s will haunt me still,’” (Shakespeare 83). Although I would not go as far as trying to kill someone, I would act out in revenge if someone caused harm to any of my family or friends.
In the end, Phoenix Jackson, Tom Wingfield, Francis Macomber, and Macduff all appear to be very different than me on the surface. But, when they are examined closer, they share many similarities with me. They emphasize the goals of the CIS Literature class to find diversities and accept them, but to also try to find some common ground to better understand the characters and their reasonings. As defined by the online Merriam- Webster dictionary, diversity is,“ the condition of having or being composed of differing elements.” It is something that is found in every corner, island, and depth of the world, but even the people who seem the complete opposite have something in common somewhere.

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