Essay about The City of Rome

Essay about The City of Rome

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The City of Rome
The city of Rome was quite spacious. It had a “population of about 1,000,000” (Arnold, Pg. 266). Within the city of Rome, there was a variety of ethnic groups. It was a multi-ethnic cosmopolitan city: Italians from various districts as well as people from Greece, Asia Minor, Syria, Judea, Persia, Egypt, North Africa, Spain, Gaul, Germany, Brittania, and elsewhere” (Arnold, Pg. 266). Rome also had five or six different religions. “The entire pantheon of Roman gods, numerous Greek deities, some Asian, Persian and Egyptian deities, the goddess Roma, and the ruler cult” (Arnold, Pg. 266). Rome has three “ports: Ostia, Portus, and Puteoli” (Arnold, Pg. 266). “Rome was the political, economic, and military center enormous Roman empire” (Arnold, Pg. 266). The reason for this is because in the thirteenth period of Paul’s mission in Rome he was able to have his own living place, which was also able to have a plethora of people visit. “He received permission from an official who reported to the praefectus praetorii to stay in rented private quarters (Acts 28:16) that were evidently large enough to receive “large numbers” of visitors (Acts 28:23)” (Schnabel, Pg. 114).
After Paul’s job was done in Rome, he proceeds to Spain. Rome could possibly one of the most important cities that he visited. “Some scholars therefore argue that the release of Paul from Roman custody is a historical fact that should be the basis for any critical reconstruction of the history of the early church” (Schnabel, Pg. 117). For where the location of Spain was in relation to Rome, the traveling was good fro Paul. *“Spain could be easily reached from Rome, with good sailing conditions ships needed only seven days to cover the distance between Osti...

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The Quirinal Hill is the third hill, being “the northernmost of four spurs of the high ground east of the Tiber” ( The fourth hill is the Viminal Hill. It “is a smaller ridge between the Quirinal Hill and the Esquiline Hill” ( Esquiline Hill is the fifth hill. It is “the largest of the hills that is connected to the Palatine Hill” ( The sixth hill is the Caelian Hill. This “is the southernmost of the four large spurs” ( The Aventine Hill “is to the south and the last of the seven.
Rome was one of the cities that Paul visited. It was located in a place where water was abundant. Not only that, but Rome had the seven hills.

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