The Causes of Racial Tension

The Causes of Racial Tension

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Today, there is racial tension all around the world. Racial tension means the feeling that exists when people do not trust and be aggressive to each other. In Malaysia, racial tension has deepened recently. The Indian government has released an advisory for its foreign students that studying in Australia which showed that racial tension appeared around the White and Indian (“MEA issues travel advisory to Indian students in Aus”, 2010). Racial tension between the Han and Uighur communities in Xinjiang, China was enhanced in July 2009. There are several factors that causes racial tension to happen such as religion topic, government policy, prejudice and discrimination.
Next, racial tension is also easily caused by prejudice and discrimination. According to Jon (1997), “prejudice is a general characteristic of human relationships” (p. 232). Jon (19970 found “prejudice is usually considered the cause of discrimination”. Prejudice is easily being found in someone to the others; especially they are from different races. They may treat the other races irrespectively and violently. First, people will not take it seriously. However, when the cases happen frequently and massively, people won’t take them as specials cases. The races that besieged will tend to feel anxious and strike back in order to protect themselves. Therefore, it tends to create racial tension. For examples, incidents of violence against Indians in Australia were happened frequently in last few months. Later on, an Indian student was killed. These have damaged the relationship between the Indians and Australians and created racial tension. Besides, African-Americans were still discriminated seriously by the Americans even after American Civil War. They had perspective that the African-Americans were slaves like they used to be. They received unequal treatment until the success of African-American Civil Rights Movement. The racial tension was existed during the period.
The government policy causes the racial tension as well. The governments launch policies that encourage the development of countries. But if some policies tend to benefit certain races, whether they are majority or minority, will cause the dissatisfaction of other races. In their perspective, all races should be treated equally regardless the number of members. Therefore, they may protest to show their dissatisfaction. If their protest were overwhelmed and the government led by the majority, the racial tension is ensured happen. Racial tension between the Han and Uighur communities in Xinjiang, China is an example. Uighur was the minority in China but the large community in Xinjiang.

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However, their wealthy and welfare such as human rights, education and jobs are less than the Han race. Therefore, the Uighur race protested for their rights in July 09, but it was rejected by the government and caused serious injuries. 156 dead and over 800 injured were reported in the repression (“Rights Groups call for restraint in Uighur protest”, 2009). This have strengthened the racial tension which exists long time ago.
One of the most important causes is religion topic. Today, most countries are multiracial. People from different regions and countries may held different religions. In some countries, some religions are mostly held by certain races. Most of people have religion when these is a small amount of people are free thinkers. Basically, people’s behaviour and mind are affected by religion. Meanwhile, religion is their spiritual sustenance. To them, their religions are together with them as a part of the body. Therefore, any criticism to religion is a threat to certain races. They will be very supportive and oppose those who cross them. Normally, people won’t criticise their own religion and attack religious sites. Once these happen, they will think that these are done by people who held other religions. If the religion is mostly held by certain race, they tend to have a thought that other races are the culprits. The racial tension is ensured once again as it is true that they can’t tolerate with each other will cause serious racial tension. They will react violently in order to protect their religion. Some of them who are radical will behave in a way that they are not accepted other religions. For example, in Malaysia, most of Christians are Chinese or Indian and 60 percent of the population which are mostly Malays are Muslims (Eileen Ng, 2010). Eight churches were attacked over four days amid a dispute over the use of the word "Allah" by non-Muslims (Eileen Ng, 2010). Race tension was enhanced while the desecration of mosques with wild boar heads happened. This shows that race tension are easily affected by religious beliefs.
Racial tension can easily occur due to the religion topic, government policy, prejudice and discrimination. We have to take appropriate actions to prevent and decrease the occurrence of racial tension because we are living in a multiracial society due to the concept of globalization. We should view the others as the same without prejudice and discrimination, and the best way to do it is to solve the problems with peace and harmony. The conflicts in the world could be decreased if people have these perspectives.

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