The Bullying Crisis in America Essay

The Bullying Crisis in America Essay

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Schools do not talk about it, parents do not know how to stop it from happening, but so many suffer from it, bullying. Bullying has become the biggest growing issue in the world. So many people go through the day in silence while struggling to not let bullying affect them, but it does. Bullying happens in so many different ways, but no one ever talks about it. Everyday 160,000 people suffer from being bullied at school and half of those people will try to commit suicide because of it (Karmazin). Imagine yourself walking on campus, and all of a sudden another student starts calling you names. This is what so many students fear every day. One in every four students is a victim of some kind of bullying. Why does this happen? Bullying has become the fastest growing problem in schools today. Bullying can take many forms, and students that are victims of bullying are affected in different ways, and suicide is often the greatest effect that is happening. Bullying has reached the epidemic level in schools; however, realizing the psychological effects cause by bullying, and suicide has become a growing result of it, and in everyday life across all the oceans of the world; it is time to take preventative measures to reduce and stop bullying from happening needs to be taken.
When a person thinks of bullying happening in schools, they in vision on thing; a big, mean boy picking out a younger, smaller student and saying, “Give me all your money nerd!” at that point the bully picking up the victim and flipping them upside down to make the money come out of the pockets. When the actuality is bullying is not always that plainly shown. Bullying does not necessarily have to physical violence in order for a situation to be considered bullying. Tee...

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