Essay on The Blacks and Whites of Heart of Darkness

Essay on The Blacks and Whites of Heart of Darkness

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Every human being is born into a race and a culture. These are what separate one person from another. Is it possible to fit into a place where you don't belong? Your culture and race does not make you who you are, but they do play an important role in molding you. They can limit our beliefs in ourselves and which tasks we find important to learn how to do. With all of these afflictions, we do seam to be on a train with a one way track. Our lives appear as if they are set before us, just waiting for our shoes to fit the roles described therein. Natives have there roles which are separate and different from the foreigners, but how far do they differ?
There are many Natives portrayed throughout the text but they are typically over shadowed and overlooked as they are not the center of attention for the reader. The first time that the slaves step into the world of the readers they are portrayed as death, not even human: “They were not enemies, they were not criminals, they were nothing earthly now, nothing but black shadows of disease and starvation, lying confusedly in the greenish gloom.” (Conrad 14) This is a very descriptive and flowing way for Conrad to introduce the slaves. With such a brief description, described through the eyes of the foreigner, Marlow, we can achieve the level of acceptance between the two races. It is nonexistent. The Natives are but black ghosts. Here we see the ignorance of the white man at its best.
The whites in this novella ignore torture and disregard the Africans. Throughout most of Marlow's voyage there was this ignorance present even upon his ship. The ship contained pilgrims and Natives alike, these were ideal to running the steam boat and the Natives aboard were mistreated greatly. ...

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...orking in the boiler room our destinies and roles in life do not have to be based on what our cultural trends are. There are many other things to look at, different opinions, personalities and backgrounds, that create the essence of a human being. So much that simple blacks and whites can't capture or contain. So get out your crayons and with a little use of creativity make your life into what you want it to be.

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