The Benefits of Playing Sports Essay

The Benefits of Playing Sports Essay

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In everyone’s life there is always a thing or moment that reveals something new about you that you never noticed was there, Now the question is what did sports reveal to me? Since the very beginning, I had the will of giving it my all when I had a goal ahead of me, and always took the big steps to accomplish it. All of my experiences have led me to become what I am today, What is it that reveals who we are as a person? Is it the way we act? or just our life experiences? I believe that the significant events, actions, and accomplishments in the end define who you are in life. Something that has been so important and meaningful that happened to me was getting involved in sports.

I have played sports from soccer to basketball, I know that if I had not been involved in sports, I would not be the person I am today. From the first day I started to play sports, I learned about responsibility, integrity, the importance of doing hard work, and much more. Taking the chance to play sports has definitely been life changing. Something that sports made me realize is that even though I can be the most dedicated person when working on a task, I still have the greatest aptitude to procrastinate on some things that is brought to me; most of the time it’s almost like a second nature to me to puts things aside. However, when I have an important task ahead of me, it’s always done right. I am dependable; one of my first big accomplishments would be when I first got into County Middle School soccer team, and from that day on, I have made it my aspiration to continue playing. Two years later when it was time for me to initiate high school I was told doing getting into the team would be extremely difficult, and it would be an immense ...

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...hat clearly in mathematics, Getting excellent grades all the way through high school. I kept thinking about my future, and I decided to choose a major in which my skills would be of great use and then I thought why not business, and it was not a poor choice because I soon realized that economics came easy to me. Although the experience I got from high school was well by itself, it was not enough to prepare me. I truly want to increase my knowledge. I know that if I had never played sports, I would not have the drive nor the self-confidence I have today. It is extremely important to me to receive a good education beyond high school. Soccer was the force that kept me going; it showed me that there is no good lesson learned without any torment, only if you can bear through it and keep moving forward will you realize that you are strong enough prevail over any obstacle.

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