Essay about The Benefits of Organic Produce

Essay about The Benefits of Organic Produce

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Each day Americans consume untold quantities of pesticides and other chemical additives in the foods we eat. Currently all consumers have only one choice to limit exposure to pesticides in their food: to buy organically farmed food. I realize that organic foods are more expensive than commercially farmed foods. However, one can offset the higher cost of organics by growing his or her own vegetables. Not only that, the consumer would benefit by knowing which products have the highest levels of pesticides and buy them organic instead. Organic food is not treated or grown with dangerous pesticides; it is environmentally friendly and helpful to the local economy.
Before World War II, all farming done in the United States was what we now consider organic farming. After World War II, the chemical companies needed to find a use for their chemicals, so they gave out free samples to farmers. One company even hired Dr. Seuss to create ads for their chemicals. Thus began the widespread use of pesticides on farms throughout the United States. Farmers routinely used pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, and rodenticides on their farms. What the chemical companies failed to tell the farmers was that by using these chemicals, they would also kill the beneficial bugs and plants on their farms. This, in turn, would make them forever dependent on these chemicals to control pests and weeds. According to John Wargo: “A 1989 National Academy of Sciences study found that insecticide use may actually increase crop losses over time because insects may rapidly develop resistance to specific pesticides (6).” It was unknown what health effects these chemicals would have on the consumers, animals, or farm workers applying these chemicals. L. McCauley confir...

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... diet. We cannot control our entire environment, but we can and should control or limit the amount of toxins in the foods we eat. What we choose to consume today will have lingering consequences in the future. Either we can pay a little more today in purchasing organic food, or we will pay higher health care costs later.

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