The Art of Hybrid Writing Essay

The Art of Hybrid Writing Essay

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“From a very early age…I knew that when I grew up I should be a writer.”- George Orwell in ‘Why I Write’ (1965)
As a writer, I am aware that there are different types ‘voices’ when it comes to their personal writing. During the course of this module I’ve learned a lot about my personal ‘voice’ and it has helped enhance my writing skills. For example, there will be times where I will have to force myself to write, even when I don’t have the motivation to; because sometimes I can get a great story or poem out of it. Other things that I have learned during this module are: old habits aren’t always the best and I should save my energy on keeping them around, and at times imitating the works of other writers can help teach new techniques I would not have learned in any other way.
When I first started writing, I would write mostly poetry and sometimes short stories. I would usually take days to write a good poem, and weeks for a good story. Sometimes I would get so busy that I would put it off for a while and I wouldn’t get back to it for a month or so. Although ever since I started this course I had to use the time that was given to me, especially the rest of the week till the next class. As Dorothea Brande said in her book ‘Becoming a Writer’ in Chapter Six: “Decide for yourself when you will take the time for writing; for you are going to write in it.” I would usually write my stories at night, around 7:30-8pm since I that would be around the time I would have the sudden urge to write.
When I wrote the first draft of ‘Good Deed’, I had started writing it around 8pm as I had planned that morning I would. While I was writing it, I thought it would take me a little less than an hour to write since I had the idea of what I wanted ...

... middle of paper ...

...orothea Brande said in chapter ten in her book ‘Becoming a Writer’ “ They [the words] are yours to use only when you have made them your own by full acquaintance and acceptance.”
Even so, this semester has really thought me so many things in the period of twelve weeks. From learning what truly is my voice in writing, to kicking away old habits that would only do damage, and in the end, imitating can also help me improve certain aspects of my writing. This whole semester has been quite the rollercoaster in terms of this module, I learned so much and I will continue to keep learning from these lessons as I keep going forth my journey in university.

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