The, The And, And The Great Nation Of Israel Essay

The, The And, And The Great Nation Of Israel Essay

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1. The principal event for the Israelites was the covenant God created with Adam, Noah, Abraham and others, because they were the chosen people for the great nation of Israel.
2. Israel´s crucial location was in the middle of the two great civilizations of Egypt and Mesopotamia, using Israel as their bridge for trade and thus making it very unstable.
3. Gilgamesh took everything without permission from the people and had sex with every woman he encountered, he was uncontrollable, so Enkidu was created. Enkidu was a character created by the gods to help Gilgamesh control his abusive behavior.
4. Gilgamesh helps Enkidu to become a civilized man from the primitive man he was, and they soon became best friends. When Enkidu died, Gilgamesh tried to attain immortality for his friends.
5. Adam and Eve were innocent until they ate the forbidden fruit, same as Enkidu, only that he was innocent until he had sex and then became a civilized man; similarly, in both stories, the characters were presented as being nude. The main difference was that Eve was tempted by the serpent, while in Enkidu´s story, the harlot tempted him, took advantage of him, and had sex with him.
6. The floods in Gilgamesh´s story and in Genesis were similar because they both present a God that has direct communication with them and warns them of a catastrophe that will come, and that they have to build an ark in order to survive it. The main difference was the presence of more than one God in Ekidu´s story, whereas in Genesis there is only one god present. Additionally, in Gilgamesh´s epic, the landing site was different because of the mountain´s differing name from the one in Genesis.
7. In the bible, P source is presented several times in the bible, for example i...

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...Moses became reluctant because he didn´t have the type of power to make that type of demand to the Pharaoh. The demand involved the order to free the Israelites from Egypt, and God reminded Moses that he was powerful and he was the God of all his ancestors (Coogan, Brettler and Newsom).
14. Pharaoh freed the Israelites the same night that his city received the last plague: the killing of every firstborn in Egypt.
15. After the Israelites were freed, they camped in the dessert. Moses went to the Mt. Sinai and talk to God, and he received many laws to give to the people and they agreed to follow them. Moses went to the mountain again and received the sets of commandments in writing from God. When he arrived back to the encampment, he saw all the people were worshipping a calf and celebrating, at that sight Moses got very angry that he broke the sets of commandments.

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