The American Nurses Association Code of Ethics Essay

The American Nurses Association Code of Ethics Essay

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The American Nurses Association (ANA) is an organization with a strong ethical foundation. Nurses in general are known as an honest and trustworthy profession in the United States. This reputation was created because of nursing organizations like the ANA. In this paper the ANA’s goals are described and tied to their ethical principles. The role and importance of the ANA’s ethical values are explored. A discussion of the ANA’s culture and ethical decision making is described. The ANA’s ethical values and how they support author’s ethical views is explained and last the ANA’s social responsibility to the community.
ANA’s goals and ethical principles
The ANA’s goals are to provide a unified focus of professional, competent, and ethical care to all patients. To treat every patient with dignity, respect, and compassion free from any personal judgment of race, social or economic status, personal disparities, or disregard to health status. The Nursing organization strives to provide equal care to all individuals with their primary focus on the patient, without regard to outside influences, such as the media, family, or the community. Nurses are accountable for the best welfare of the patient while in his or her care. They must respect professional boundaries, to include the privacy and confidentiality of the patient and family. Nurses must maintain a respect for human dignity, and hold in highest regard the importance of the patient’s best interests.
The nurse’s duties include the responsibility to follow guidelines and regulations, acting only on duties within the scope of the professional practice. The nursing organization also has responsibilities to the public in maintaining awareness and knowledge regarding the health and welf...

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...unity education and wellness and especially to the response efforts during disasters. The ANA is there for the wellbeing and ethical treatment of all mankind.

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