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The American Communist Movement Essay

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Political desire for power and control has resulted in the practices of socialism and communism. These political leaders have used this government control to influence and guide the economies for their own personal gain. During the early to mid twentieth century, the rise of socialism and communism led to economic, political, and social corruption throughout Eastern Europe, The United States, and many economies worldwide, resulting in the need for action against it. The introduction of government controlled economies led to devastating consequences that are seen in many aspects of life as well as in literature.
The governmental shift towards social programs had many affects on the working class citizens and how businesses operated. At the start of the 20th century, the free market capitalist system became the popular model for most world economies. In fact, during this period, most economies were experiencing an economic boom. Globalization and the introduction of telephone communications was the starting point for growth and prosperity. However, the start of World War I destroyed over 20 million lives and slowed down the globalization of the world economies. World War I was a disaster and left people frightened and uncertain about the future. People were looking for a better way of life that was more just and the introduction of socialism and communism was born. “Communism required government ownership rather than private ownership of land, factories, and other economic resources, called the means of production” (Vontz). In addition, the party state was the Communist position that the party must defend all Communist countries against free market economies. Establishment of secret police and military forces were needed until t...

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...ple who are free to choose and decide their future are in a position to succeed.

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