Essay on Thank You My Family : Letter

Essay on Thank You My Family : Letter

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Thank you my family:

First, all honor and all my praises go to God for giving me the strength, wisdom, courage and the ability to share my gift with others. Without him this wouldn’t be possible. I thank him for blessing me tremendously. I owe everything to God, because without him I don’t have an existence. Thank you my heavenly Father.

Second, My husband K.C. thanks for maintaining the stability I needed to accomplish this project, I couldn’t have done this without you. My daughter Latoya and son K.C. Jr. thanks for giving me a comfort zone, you’ve always given me the support I needed, even when I felt like giving up. I love you three so much.

I want to thank my Mother, Mary Jones for holding on and being strong through the midst of the storm, you gave me life and I’ll always love you.

My father Johnny Lee Bolton, I know you’re my guardian angel, rest in peace. My grandfather Johnny Bolton Sr. thanks for setting a foundation we all needed. My grandmother, even though you’re not here in my presence, I know you’re here in spirit sharing this gift with me.

To a very special lady that’ll always have a place in my heart, my great Aunt Lorene McConnell, I thank you for teaching me how to be a woman, you’ve always told me not to take my eyes off God, this is truly for you, rest in peace.

My sisters, Sharon Rogers, thanks for having my back, no words can express the true meaning of sister, you‘ll always be number one in my heart, Betty Hill thanks for keeping me focus and for strongly believing that it’s going to happen for me some day, I couldn‘t have do...

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...t and don’t ever change because your inspiration has uplifted me and given me the encouragement I needed, thank you my sister.

Ebony Dowdy, girl what can I say, you’re the greatest, I truly appreciate you just being you and for always giving me hope when I felt like all hope was gone, thank you my sister.

Sarah Adams, you are a great person with a big heart and I considered you a part of my family, I thank you so much for supporting my gift and for strongly believing in me.

Charlotte Jefferson, I’ve known you for a long time and I still appreciate your kindness, support and your humbleness, continue to be the great woman you are. I truly thank God for all of you. In my life each of you played a part and I truly say, thanks, I love all of you…
The best is yet to come!

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