Thank You For Your Email And Wishes For A Speedy Recovery

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Thank you for your email and wishes for a speedy recovery. I still feel pretty ill, but I know that these sinus infections/stomach problems take some time to shake off. Well, it looks like I missed out on getting “something?” because you don’t have my email... but there is still time to send it to me… because… here is my email just 4 you: I think that you just might be surprised how similar the fundamental, independent Baptists are to the Mennonites. Actually, that organization in Texas said that men couldn’t wear a part in the middle because it was to worldly, only on the side with the haircut above the ears and tapered in the back. They didn’t have anything about straight pockets (never heard of that rule before…that one is a real doosy), but men could only wear long trousers and women had to wear skirts and dresses that went three fingers below the knee… no slits, shorts, culottes or pajamas allowed. Pianos were allowed in the church, but any background taped music or any song that was not an old-fashioned hymn or written by one of their own was forbidden. Dating and engaged coup...

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