Essay on Thank You For Giving Me

Essay on Thank You For Giving Me

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Thank you. Thank you for accepting me on April 20th, 2012. Thank you for allowing me to grow as a designer, student, and human being in the past four years. And lastly, thank you for accepting, welcoming, and investing in me as your student.

In the past four years, I have made strides at my high school much farther than I could ever imagine. Old Colony began as an escape plan from Apponequet, but as time progress I really have made a place for myself within the school. And as I graduate in a few months, I look back to all the wonderful memories and progressions I have achieved while there and smile.

Old Colony introduced me a skill that I would most likely would have never discovered if I had not attended. The school presented me my love for design, and I am so grateful for that. Before enrollment, I would have never thought I had even a drop of artistry in my veins but I was proved to be wrong. It is amazing to me to dig through my work from my freshman to senior year and see the outrageous progression I built within my craft. To see how, under the instruction of shop educators, I advanced in every aspect of design stuns me to this day.

Furthermore, I now can utilize my craft in and outside of school. I have collaborated on numerous design jobs within the school, and now am able to design freelance for the community, too. Design has opened doors for me to use my talent to better the community, create connections, and to brand myself. All of this greatly reassures me how much of a benefit attending Old Colony really was. My experience in shop alone allowed me to develop my craft, study the art form, and introduce me to a new passion. I can never express how much gratitude I feel towards my school and my shop instructors for re...

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...s aspects of my school. I’ll miss the comfort of only having 500 students. I’ll miss the smell of sawdust while walking past carpentry and the odor of acrylics past cosmo. I’ll miss hearing Mr. Gonsalves’ booming voice, from the other side of the academic wing, unknowingly yelling, “You future engineers of America!” But most of all, I’ll just miss the connections I made with the student body and the Old Colony staff.

With all the flaws and the “I cannot wait to graduate’s,” I am still proud to say I am an Old Colony Cougar and as I reflect back in my past four years, I just want to thank my school for being an essential part to my growth during such an impactful time of my life. Old Colony has formed a designer, student, and graduate all in one. But most importantly, it has created a young woman ready to take on whatever comes her way. So I thank you, one last time.

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