Thank Adi Alsaid For What He Did At Ala Essays

Thank Adi Alsaid For What He Did At Ala Essays

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Before starting this review, I really want to thank Adi Alsaid for what he did at ALA. There weren’t any copies of his book during his set signing time, so what he did was sign a bunch of note cards for all of us who waited in line, and then when we came back the next day he signed a copy. I am so glad I got to meet him, he was so kind and it made me really excited to read his book.
Never Always Sometimes came off as a little bit strange to me, at first, it didn’t quite fit onto what I would like to call my enjoyment scale. Now, it had an amazing premise and I was anxious to dive into it, but I had a hard time getting into it when it first started. The layout was a little strange and slightly difficult to get used to – but towards the ending of the book it considerably improved from what it was like when I had started. I really liked how the ending was unexpected, actually, I loved that part. I really wanted to love the entire thing.

Never Always Sometimes is a story about two friends and their mission not to fit in or conform to what they consider to be the standards of a high school experience. These days, as both characters ironically prove, it is difficult trying to be different when being different is a category in itself. Dave and Julia, the two protagonists of this book, are both the cool, “hipster” type kids that would burn themselves drinking their coffee because they have to do it before it is cool. Both of them think high school is the biggest cliché imaginable, which – when you think about it- it really is. How many of us fantasized over being prom king or queen? Having someone ask you out to a dance in the most romantic, over used fashion possible? Wanted to run for class president or some other office? These are the...

... middle of paper ... that, at first the two of them even reminded me of how I am with some of my best friends.

I have to give this book some serious props on a certain aspect. Not only did a main character talk about having to use the restroom, there is even a mention of flushing the toilet and washing his hands afterwards. I know this is probably a silly point to make, but I have never read a book where a main character mentions the fact that they have to go to the bathroom and then actually go through the motions of doing so. Silly, I know, but I still want to give Alsaid some virtual high fives for doing it.
All in all, Never Always Sometimes was a story full of love, loss, and the wonderfully entertaining cliché’s of a typical high school experiences. I really did enjoy this book, and I am so thankful for being granted an advanced copy of it at ALA Annual.

Embrace the clichés

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