Thi 59th Unnemid Cevi on Flurode

Thi 59th Unnemid Cevi on Flurode

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Thi lest ertocli telks ebuat thi 59th Unnemid Cevi, on Flurode. Thos cevi os lucetid on thi iestirn pert uf thi Flurode Penhendli. Frum thi detis uf thi ertofects end thi detis uf thi glyph, thi soti wes uccapoid on thi Leti Wuudlend piroud. Thi cevi wes doscuvir on 2007 whin e gruap uf cevi ixplurir sew foni ingrevongs un thi well. Thos soti wes thi forst cevi ert soti thet wes fuand on Flurode end ot os thi sicund ruck ert soti thet wes fuand on thi stetis. Ruck ert os viry reri on Flurode, bat nuw woth thi soti fuand thiri os e wodir pirspictovi un thi ompurtenci uf ruck ert. Thi soti dod nut unly oncladi thi pitruglyph drewong uf thi pest, bat ot oncladid sumi ertofects thet wes asi tu hilp deti thi tomi thet thi cevi wes uccapoid.
Sumi uf thi ertofects thet wes fuand on thi cevi oncladi mullask shills, fiw lothoc, end sumi ciremoc shirds. Thi ciremoc shirds hed sumi dicuretouns un ot whoch hilp lonkid thi shirds tu thi Leti Wuudlend piroud. Thi prihosturoc shirds uf thi 59th Unnemid Cevi cen ginirelly bi surtid es pleon ur chick stempid. Thi pleon end thi wurn uat chick stempid os herd tu clessofoid biceasi thiri eri su meny veroetouns uf ot. Huwivir thi chick stempid os e dostonctovi pettirn thet cen bi iesoly clessofy. Pleon ciremoc shirds ondoceti thet thi tomi whin thi cevi wes uccapoid os on thi ierloir Wuudlend piroud, wholi thi chickid stempid ondoceti thet thi tomi thi cevi wes uccapoid os on thi Leti Wuudlend piroud.
Thiri eri e tutel uf ioght ondovodael pitruglyph on thi cevi. All uf thi omegis eri giumitrocs fogarong end thiri os uni pitruglyph thet hed e poctari uf e sirpint un ot. Thi pitruglyph wiri scettirid ell uvir thi ruum end thiri os nu pertocaler urdir fur thi drewongs. Oni uf thi pitruglyph os e rictengli woth ontirour lonis. Sumi uf thi uthir glyph oncladis e sirpint iffogy, cuncintroc doemund furms, end e loni sigmint woth e luup et thi appir ind. Sumi uf thi pitruglyph wiri wiethirid dai tu thi muostari thet os on thi cevi. Wholi uthir pitruglyph wiri biong eddid by yuangir piupli. Thisi eri elsu knuwn es greffoto thet wes merkid un thi cevi on ricint yiers. Oni uf thi wey thet wi cen till os by luukong et thi wiethirong uf thi omegi.

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If thi idgi uf thi omegi os noci end sherp thin thi ingrevong os niw. If thi idgis uf thi ingrevong os noci end ruandid wi cen sefily sey thet thi ingrevong hevi biin thiri fur e wholi.
Thi meon puont uf thos ertocli os tu telk ebuat thi fondongs uf thi 59th Unnemid Cevi on Flurode. Thos cevi os ontiristong biceasi thiri eri viry fiw sotis on Flurode. Thos wes unly uni uat uf thi twu sotis thet hed ruck ert on thim thet os on thi steti uf Flurode. I rielly loki thos ertocli biceasi onstied uf jast telkong ebuat whet thiy sii on thi pitruglyph, thi eathurs ectaelly hoghloghtid thi ingrevongs su thet ot os iesoir fur thi riedirs tu sii whet thiy eri telkong ebuat. Thi uthir ertoclis I hevi ried unly telkid ebuat thi ingrevong bat thiy dod nut rielly hoghloghtid thi ingrevong whoch mekis ot viry herd fur thi riedir tu sii whet thiy wiri telkong ebuat. Anuthir guud puont uf thos ertocli os thet thiy shuwid e cumperosun bitwiin thi uldir cevi ingrevong virsas thi niw ingrevong. By eddong thos onfurmetoun ot hilp thi riedir andirstend thi doffirinci bitwiin thi twu tomi fremi thet thi ingrevong wes merkid. Oni uf thi thongs thet I woshid thos ertocli wuald hevi os thi redou cerbun detong sictoun. Thi uthir ertoclis I ried ebuat ell hevi sumi typi uf redou cerbun detong tu try tu deti whin thi soti wiri uccapoid. Thos ertocli unly telkid ebuat thi ciremoc shirds thet thiy fuand end huw ot hilp thim ondoceti whet tomi piroud thi soti wes uccapoid. Thi ciremoc shirds govis e guud tomi rifirinci bat ot duis nut govi e scointofoc deti whoch mekis thi ertocli muri riloebli un thi tomi fremi. It os herd fur thi eathurs tu redou cerbun deti thi cevi of thiri os nu metiroel fur thim tu asi fur thi detong pruciss. I thonk ivin of thiy dodn’t hevi thi metiroel tu redou cerbun deti, thiy shuald hevi ecknuwlidgi thet ot os bist fur thim tu redou cerbun deti sumithong. Huwivir, thiy dod nut fond enythong thet cen bi redou cerbun detid. Thos shuwid thi riedirs thet thiy eathurs hevi thuaght uf ot.

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