17th Poets and drugs Essay

17th Poets and drugs Essay

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The 17th century is known for some of the most infamous and most influential literary movements to this day. It brought about a plethora famous poets and writers that broke many social and literary boundaries. But with these famous poets came famous addictions. One particular weakness many Western poets of this time suffered was substance abuse. Particularly the over indulgence of opium and alcohol; especially during the Romantic era. Poets such as Thomas de Quincey, Percy Shelley, Samuel Coleridge, Charles Baudelaire, and John Keats were the most recognized for falling under substance abuse. It is said the partaking of these intoxicants may have had a major influence on these poets’ literary work, family, social life, and careers.
“Opium is the dried latex obtained from the opium poppy”. (Wiki) . Opium is said to have been in existence since ancient times, and is still produced using ancient methods. .Before opium became a popular substance to abuse it was mostly used for medicinal purposes or uses. Countries such as “Sumerian, Egypt, and India” ( opiates.net). contributed to the national widespread of opium. They found it to be the most valuable form of pain relief. The wide spread availability of opium helped surgeons all over perform longer surgery ,which lead to more efficient and safer medical operations. Alcohol and ethyl were also common pain relievers in ancient times, but many physicians preferred opium because it was less threatening to the human’s sensory organs and didn’t impair their intellectual/motor judgment as much. This was only when opium was used at correct lower dosages. Physicians believed opium’s healing medical capabilities consisted of “resists to poison and venomous bites, cures chronic headache, v...

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