20th Century Approaches in Early Childhood Education Essay

20th Century Approaches in Early Childhood Education Essay

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Did you know there are many kinds of programs and approaches used in early childhood education? The 20th century was the start of inclusive classrooms and about the idea of education for all. Education in the early preschool years boomed with early childhood development programs. While there are many popular approaches, I find that Maria Montessori and Rudolf Steiner have the reliable strait forward and captivating approaches to early childhood education.
Maria Montessori has an educational method that is in use today in public and private schools throughout the world. The basic goals of the Montessori Method are to develop the child’s independence and productivity as well as preserve the dignity of the child while focusing on the psychological health of the child. Education for the Montessori Method begins at birth and continues through the first six years. These early years are essential for development. To develop skills there are delicate time frames where learning is uninterrupted. This learning can be encouraged by experiences. The Programs are set up for mixed age groups and materials that are based on a child’s level of complexity where children can work independently. Within the mixed age groups, children direct peer learning. Children have unremitting portions of work time with targeted choice of work activity. Sensory-motor activities are a big focus in Montessori centers were children work with materials that develop their cognitive abilities using uninterrupted experience using the senses seeing, hearing, tasting, smelling, touching, and movement. The classroom is organized by the teacher to encourage independence, freedom within limits, and a sense of order. Using individual choices children make use of the enviro...

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...ing children with a direction and purpose in life while achieving a balance of mind, body, and spirit. The Montessori approach has strength of building independence and a set up where children direct their own learning and play.

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