19th Century African and Native Americans Essay

19th Century African and Native Americans Essay

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The 19th century was a hard time for the African-Americans and Native Americans of the U.S. Treatment of these people by the White society brought about much pain and suffering for their races. This is because race played a large role in society during the 19th century, because of this, African-Americans and Native Americans were treated poorly in their relationship with the White Society.
It was largely believed that the African-Americans role in society was one of inferiority to the White race. Evidence of this can be seen in the “Initiation Oath of the Knights of the White Camelia.” The Knights of the White Camelia, more commonly known as the Ku Klux Klan (or KKK for short), believe that it was their duty to maintain the division between the African-American and the White society by any means necessary. The KKK members wanted keep the Caucasian race the superior race through suppressing the African-Americans by intimidating them to stay away from the political sphere and preventing interracial marriages. In the oath they vow to obtain these measures only through lawfully means (Gorn 4-5). Thomas W. Wilson felt that African-Americans were inferior to Whites, maybe not to the extent that the KKK felt, in his article “Reconstruction (1906)” he briefly speaks of the African-Americans as being ignorant, crude, and as “easy dupes” (Hollitz 10). Both of these sources show the Whites need for supremacy over the African-Americans and, as the initiation speech of the KKK states, their willingness to exert their supremacy.
Do to the Whites belief that they were superior to the African-American it is only natural that their treatment of the African-Americans matched their distaste of them. Even though the KKK’s oath...

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...r race is just as good as the White race. Also, through the failure of assimilation Native Americans were able to keep their reservations which still thrive today, not in glory through which they once thrived, but they are still around. It wasn’t easy for these two races to get to the point at which they are now, and prejudices against them do still exist in the world, but hopefully one day races of every kind will be able to live in harmony with one another, without the need to make everyone like themselves.

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