The 18th And 19th Centuries Eras Of Revolution And Reform Essays

The 18th And 19th Centuries Eras Of Revolution And Reform Essays

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The 18th and 19th centuries were eras of revolution and reform. The American Revolutionary War and its outcome finalized America’s freedom from Great Britain, and the new nation of America began to take form. This was a time of new rights, freedoms and life under American society and rule. Yet, not all people within America’s borders got to reap the full benefits of the Revolutionary War. Many minorities did not gain much from or after the war, because of discrimination, racism, fear, or standards set by the white men of America. One of these minorities was infact women. No matter what age, race or status of women during these centuries, they still did not have or gain their full freedoms. After the American Revolutionary War, women did not gain the freedoms that Americans had been fighting for, as women were seen as less than men within society, and women did not enjoy the same rights or opportunities as other groups of people.
In the years leading up to the American Revolution, women did not have many specific freedoms or rights. They were viewed as lesser than men, an ideal that was evident far into the 20th century. This concept was a major factor in women 's lives as they did not obtain as many opportunities as men, more specifically free white men, in their home lives, work and society. Women were most commonly at home, and did not work. They were commonly depicted as weaker than men, and mainly as homemakers and mothers. The online article, “Revolutionary Changes and Limitations: Women”, lays out the common society, “At this time, women were widely considered to be inferior to men, a status that was especially clear in the lack of legal rights for married women.” Women experienced a lack of rights in many aspects, as men ...

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...after the American Revolution did change aspects of women’s lives, but they did not gain any new explicit freedoms.
Women did not gain many new rights after the American Revolutionary War, as they could still not vote, were not viewed as equal, and were not granted the same means of a free life. Women had experienced inequality for years, and it wouldn 't be until the 20th century before women were able to vote and have a direct voice in society. It is apparent that women were viewed lower than men in society in America for centuries, and the years after the formation of a new country, promising a better life, equality and democracy proved no different. Women were however gaining increasing support and voices after the Revolution. The need for independence and rights for women became evident, and lit the fire that led women’s rights to the current status of today.

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