Textual Analysis Of ' The Tethered Self ' Essay

Textual Analysis Of ' The Tethered Self ' Essay

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Textual Analysis Essay of “The Tethered Self”
A professor at MIT, by the name of Sherry Turkle writes about the negative effects technology has had on our society. She begins by introducing her experience at MIT during the primitive times of the computer, a time when most faculty did not see the necessity for a personal computer. Sherry’s article is eloquently written through logical, chronological structure. She goes on to illustrate the unforeseen transformation the computer has brought upon our inner personal relationships. The article’s argument is strongly supported by Sherry’s high credibility as an author, being the founder and director of the MIT Initiative on Technology and Self as well as a professor and researcher in that field of social studies of science and technology. It is clear that Sherry has devoted her career and studies to the related topics of this article, which builds upon her merit as a writer.
The article is written towards a general audience, majority of whom use technology daily. Sherry Turkle’s tone throughout the article is informative and subjective. Her purpose is to provide awareness and to educate readers on the issues of our relationship with technology, along with the consequences it has on our daily lives. The use of cell phones has over powered society, as Turkle writes “We text each other at family dinners, while we jog, while we drive, as we push our children on swings in the park.” (Turkle). Sherry explains that our cellular devices have consumed our conscious and made us lose interest in the present moment. Sherry moves the audience through emotional appeals, allowing the audience to come into full awareness by reflecting upon their own actions. The repetition of “we” produces emphasis ...

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...hnology, as it is just an inconvenience to have direct confrontations. These dialogues strongly support Turkle’s argument that we’re creating a greater gap between others and ourselves. The reason we are lonely is because we place less effort into building relations with others.
Turkle’s stance on this topic is emotionally engaging as she uses rhetoric in a very powerful approach, while also remaining unbiased. The article flows very smoothly in a beautifully structured format. The author maintains a composition that would appeal to the interest of any sort of audience. She effectively questions the reader’s views on the negative consequences technology has on social interactions. Her work is inspiring, it sheds light on the dark hole society has dug for themselves, a state of isolation through communication in the digital age; this is a wake up call.

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