Texting While Driving : The Way People Communicate With Eath Other Essay

Texting While Driving : The Way People Communicate With Eath Other Essay

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Text messaging is the medorn way people communicate with eath other. this is one way people talk to one another anytime and anywhere they want. However, there are laws in some States thats governs texting while driving. Some states its illegal to text while driving because they are trying to minimize the menace of road accidents in their state roads. They save their drivers from accidents which have increesed rapidly due to texting while driving. Texting while controling the vehicles is said to be worse than a drunk driving. Dirivers who text and drive, looks around their vicinity while driving and whe they seethere are no traffic police officer they keep on texting their friends, family members or their peers.Nowadays, teenagers are the most influenced population in our society and some of them are so addicted that they cannot live without texting. So texting is like an air they breathe and they cannot live without it. In one way or another drivers are not caught texting and driving or they are not invoved in an accident, they take advantage of the situation without seeing the seriousness of their actions.Therefore, if we want ti live in a free accident roads, we must enforce the laws in all states in united states without exemptions. The bottomline is people needs to stop texting and driving because it has been an epidermic where people have lost their lives, drivers are distracted while texting and the accidents that occurs in our roads comes with high cost.
Drivers may argue that they are perfect or experienced for they have been driving for a longtime, but there are distractions when one is driving and texting. For example, visual (taking eyes from the road), manual (taking one or more hands off the wheel), and ment...

... middle of paper ...

...r technologies that drivers can use to communicate while driving that they do not have to hold their handset or attempeted to text. Blue tooth is one os the device which is a hand free used and a driver will not take their hand off the wheel. Then , drivers when there are passagers with them, they can as well use them to respord to their text or make a reply on their behave. Drivers needs to be educated and awreness progroms on accident avoidance should be readly available to the community facilities for people to be imformed on dangers of texting while driving.
We can all agree that we have abused our cellphone while driving and we cannot blame anyone, but we can change our ways for better future. Drivers, young and old, experienced and inexperienced lets settle the issue of texting while driving which affects all people in all walk of life in one way or another.

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