Texting While Driving Is Not a Good Thing to Do Essay example

Texting While Driving Is Not a Good Thing to Do Essay example

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    Technology is very advanced in current times. Technology makes many things really easy and fast in every field. One of the most popular products of technology is the cellphone. A cellphone is an evil and an angel in many ways. I researched about the issue, by asking, “Are laws that prohibit people from sending and reading messages while behind the wheel a good idea?” Most people would definitely say yes because it is better for everybody, not just for the driver. Texting while driving is very dangerous, not only for the driver, but also for other people who are traveling in the car.
     With cellphones we can communicate really easy and fast. Texting is a very efficient and speechless service for cellphone users. It has become very popular in a really short time. Many people are fans of this short messages service.
    Many people say it is not a good idea to ban texting while driving because, for the police officer, it is really hard to find out. The police department said that they issue only sixteen tickets for texting while driving in a year. In the state of California, people do a lot texting but they have lower accident rates than other states. One more thing, even if the government makes a law to ban texting, still the car accident rate doesn’t drop (“Texting”).
    First of all, texting is not really good for anybody. If the driver is texting while driving then he or she puts themselves at risk. It is very dangerous for everybody. There was a seventeen years old girl named Alex Brown. She was texting and e-mailing while driving so she lost her life in a car accident (Eversley). This is evidence that texting is very distracting and can lead to car accidents. That is the reason why no one should be texting while dr...

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... other laws to be followed more, so it is good for every driver. All and all, banning texting is one way to avoid sadness. The whole universe is depending on each other’s trust and cooperative nature. People should stay focused on only driving, not texting and driving, and then this world would be a little bit better place.

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