Texting While Driving Has Caused An Epidemic Essay

Texting While Driving Has Caused An Epidemic Essay

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Texting while driving has resulted in an epidemic that has been a problem for years. It has become more common among teenage drivers since many of them have cell phones. A study has shown that the most common cause of “car crashes have involved using a cell phone in some way whether its texting or talking to reaching a phone while it’s ringing” (Raja). If you text and drive you are automatically 23 times more likely to get into a crash, according to the (National Highway Safety Association). It’s not just teenagers that do it, but it’s also adults as well. The adults think that since they have more experience behind the wheel it won’t happen to them, but they are at the risk. Have you looked at your cell phone because you got a call or text? In a survey, 300 people aging from 16 – 48 were asked if they ever used a phone while driving. 40 percent of them admitted to have used it to text while behind a wheel, and 23 percent have said they have been in an accident involving a distracted driver that was texting (Texting and Driving Safety). The problem with texting has resulted in a texting ban; being more deadly than driving intoxicated, adults are at the same risk as teen drivers to be seriously hurt.
For, the past 4 years, the U.S. has been trying to enforce a ban on using a phone while driving. But, many people ignore the law because either they simply don’t believe they’ll get caught or don’t care about their safety. The law is intended to stop people doing it and save their lives, but lately it’s been hard to catch them in the act. While “Many safety experts say technological solutions such as anti-collision devices in cars, or GPS tracking tools that let parents monitor their teenagers’ cell phone use, could be most effective ...

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...n be decreased. Every year on the news you see a young person killed or paralyzed for the rest of their life because of a stupid mistake thinking that text is more important. They have to live for the rest of their life thinking “what-if” I didn’t decide to answer that text message how might my life be now. The texting ban is there not just for teens but for grown adult that know better. People’s kids learn from their parents driving habits so more than likely if they text they will to it’s called the domino effect. If people are not informed of the risks and use common sense before answering a cell phone, the number of cell-phone related incidents will increase. So it is very important for people to learn that the victims are not just teens, because it happens to everyone it doesn’t matter if you have been driving for 6 months or 30 years it can still happen to you.

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