Essay on Texting While Driving At Arizona Should Be Illegal

Essay on Texting While Driving At Arizona Should Be Illegal

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L.O.L to R.I.P
Samsung Galaxies, iPhones, HTCs, Droids, Windows phones and many other smartphones have contributed to this disastrous world of texting while driving. Many teens, as well as adults, have formed habits of using their cell phones while driving in their cars. Many drivers today have busy lives and don’t have enough time to complete what is needed in a single day’s time. Because of that, people turn to working on the road and that includes checking their emails, calling and/or texting. Texting while driving is proving to be a quite perilous act and can be fatal when people take their focus off the road and put on the cell phone. Whether people think they can safely type on their phone while driving or just don’t think that no real danger in the act exists, it doesn’t matter. Texting while driving in Arizona should be illegal.
The seeds of this issue were planted in 1992, when Neil Papworth successfully sent the first text message to Richard Jarvis with the text encrypting “Merry Christmas.”(Erickson). From that day forth, texting is increasing in popularity with each passing year. Texting while driving may seem acceptable to some, but it’s not. Texting while driving can be compared to the impairments of drunk driving since a person’s mind is distracted while they are texting and driving. The issue began in the late twentieth and early twenty-first century when hand-held devices with texting rose in popularity. Although, the extent of its staying power was unclear early on, with the release of the first iPhone in 2007, it was clear the texting craze was here to stay. This new found technology quickly found its way into the automobile and results in the deaths of thousands and thousands of innocent people ever...

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...o operators who text while they are driving. Many people think that it is less important to focus on the road ahead of them and think that it is more important to stay connected with the outside world. Although, staying connected with the outside world isn’t as important as non-distracted driving. They are putting themselves and others at risk of death. Other people, who are trying to get to their destination safely, could be harmed by the drivers who text while they drive. Fewer car accidents would be taking place each year and the roads would be safer if today’s culture would see the peril of texting while driving. The distracted drivers have to know what position they are putting themselves and with other drivers. Drivers should never have their attention directed to their cell phones and should always keep their eyes on the road in order to promote public safety.

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