Texting Is A Curse? Essay example

Texting Is A Curse? Essay example

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I use texting in the my everyday life. Having a little one at home and not being able to be there 24/7 is nerve racking. As much as I like to say that texting is a blessing it is also a curse. Texting is one of those things that you do every day. I use texting all the time, I text my boyfriend to make sure our baby is okay and to ask what he wants for dinner. I also use texting for more important matters as to asking my family up North how our very elderly grandmother is doing. Plan and simple texting is both a joy and a pain.
The joy that comes from texting is that you can keep in touch with anyone, no matter how far away they are. I moved to Florida from Ohio and still have all my family friends up there. Not being able to see them every day is hard, however, having the ability to text them makes it easier to be away. I text my dad every morning and about every night, it 's something that I have gotten into the habit of doing and it makes me happy to know that even hundreds of miles away he is a few short clicks away.
Texting is also the new way of inviting someone to an event...

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