Texting in Class to Enhance Learning Essay

Texting in Class to Enhance Learning Essay

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Technology has been slowly integrated into the classroom for many years now. Some maybe older than others, but they have all seemed to make the learning and teaching process much easier and effective. Computers were introduced to the curriculum to help students better understand data collection, research, and word processing and Power Points were even added to give visuals to lessons. Cell phones on the other hand have been given the cold shoulder, and even completely banned by some schools. According to the article, “Are We Dialing Up Disaster,” by George Engel and Tim Green, eighty-four percent of high school students report to owning a cell phone and that number continues to increase (Engel 39). Because students are distracted by the use of cell phones, schools around the country have made a stand to make sure they are not inhibiting the learning process. But do the bans really make a difference? Students seem to still be sending text messages in class.
Legal issues have been questioned concerning the use of cell phones; do instructors or administrators have the rights to confiscate cell phones if used in class? Thomas Diamantes, of Wright State University, says, “In Tinker (Tinker v. Des Moines, 1969), the court established the "material and substantial disruption" test to protect freedom of speech and expression.” This court ruling, although not pertaining to cell phones, has helped to set the precedence for rulings concerning disruptive cell phone use and school rights.
According to “Cell Phones in American High Schools: A National Survey,” by John Obringer and Kent Coffey, eighty-four percent of high schools have written policies regarding cell phones and forty-seven percent allow students to carry their p...

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