Texting Driving Down The Highway Essay

Texting Driving Down The Highway Essay

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When driving down the highway, people hear that recognizable text ringtone. They begin to think, “Maybe it is my friend telling me the update on the party this weekend or my mother calling to see where I am at. What if it is an emergency?” It appears to look like traffic is not going to be moving anytime soon, and knowing it will only take a few seconds to respond, they do. Before they know it, the car in front of them stops or the car behind accelerates and then there is an accident. Texting while driving behind the wheel diverts the driver’s attention off the road, the driver loses their focus, and the factor of risk increases by many folds.
Texting and driving has become an issue in today’s society. Using your cell phone while driving can cause you and innocent bystanders to be killed or injured. In 2014, a young woman’s life was irrevocably changed by texting while driving. Her name is Liz Marks. Liz was in high school when she was involved in an accident because she was reading a text message while driving. The wreck left her blind in one eye and hard of hearing. It also left her with a diminished sense of smell and she is no longer able to create tears or fall asleep without medication. “The most difficult part of all of it was going from very social and popular to being alone, without friends,” she says. Your life can be tragically changed in an instant just like Liz’s by looking away from the road for just a few seconds. Would you want that to happen to you?
Being on a cell phone can make the driver have less control of their vehicles and less ability of concentrating on the road, which could lead to swerving. Whether getting a phone call or a text, the driver has to divide their attention between the car and the convers...

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...to stop using them, but it does lower the number of people who do use them. There will always be that one person who will consistently text and drive, but we can try to make the road a safer place in the future by inventing something to prevent the use of cell phones while driving. For example, Apple launched “The Car Mode” that comes with the iOS 7 operating system. It is designed to stop people from texting while driving. According to a report by Mashable, the Car Mode is activated by connecting the phone to a vehicle’s Bluetooth system. For those who do not have an Apple phone, Scott Tibbetts, and his company Katasi, have developed a promising technology that would simply block texting from any phone that was in a moving car. With all these creations and the use of new technology, we could make the world a better place by putting an end to texting and driving.

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