Essay on Text Messaging is Slows Down the Development of Literacy

Essay on Text Messaging is Slows Down the Development of Literacy

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Around the years 2001 to 2004, more text capable cellular telephones became available to the general public. When these types of cellular telephones became available, the text messaging phenomenon began. More and more people decided that text based communication was the most efficient way to communicate. Due to this phenomenon, educators are becoming more aware of the effects of text based communication on the developmental learning of literacy. Text messaging is dumbing down literacy for future generations. The newer generations have not had the privilege of experiencing a society that is not wrapped up in text based communication, such as instant messaging, chatting, and text messaging.
Determining the effects of text messaging when it comes to college students and their ability to spell, has resulted in a positive nature. Shaw, Carlson, and Waxman (2007), performed a study on eighty-six college students, whom were recruited from a large Midwestern university (p. 58). The authors conducted this research with the intent to prove that the abbreviations and misspellings in text messaging, has begun to lower many college students spelling abilities. Their study resulted in a completely different aspect than was expected, the information gathered did not support the authors hypothesis. Their hypothesis being that, "...spelling ability deteriorates with the frequent use of and exposure to the abbreviated and misspelled words and phrases of text messaging..." (Shaw, Carlson, and Waxman, 2007, p. 60). Although studies show differently, many instructors have complained that students are using misspellings and abbreviations that they normally would use in text messaging, in their academic writings too.
There was a study administered by Po...

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...Journal Of Computer Assisted Learning, 27(1), 58-66. doi:10.1111/j.1365-2729.2010.00403.x
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