Texas 's On The Brink Essay

Texas 's On The Brink Essay

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Texas on the Brink
Every native Texan feels a certain way about their state, generally they love Texas. At surface level for a middle-class white kid living in Plano, Texas has no problems. Upon the closer examination of “Texas on the Brink” I came to find this is not the case at all. We have many issues that to most, go either ignored, or unnoticed based on either their take home pay, their location, or both. Texas has good public schools, but low graduates, very high teen pregnancy rate, very high uninsured population, high poverty, high pollution, and those are only a few problems. Our Culture says we desire independence from governments, something that is dominant everywhere in Texas, a good reason why we are a majority republican sate. The people want government out of their lives, and it’s as if Texas politicians want the federal government out of their hair as well, is being independent a blessing or a curse? Texas is so conservative we don 't want to give the state government any money to fix our problems, and that’s a problem with our culture, that effects our politics.
Texas has an average tax rate, we don’t have a high tax, but since our population is so high, we’re able to collect plenty of tax money each year. Where is all this money going? We spend some on schools, not the highest in the country at all, but from my own experiences here, a little more would have been nice, maybe the teachers making a poor salary is why our graduation rates are so low.
Texas has one of the highest birth rates in teens, and also for every other age. This could be due to the fact we have such a young population, and because of that, making our teenage pregnancies look so much more inflated that the rest of the United States. Many sc...

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...urage children to be creative and increase their desire to learn. Fund more sexual education learning programs and seminars in school. In 5th grade every class showed videos, and had open discussions about sex at my elementary school. Texas should have either harsher penalties for big business hurting our environment, or install penalties if none are in place as it is. Require cars to be more fuel efficient, and pollute less. Create more jobs by making more water filtration plants to remove the harmful carcinogens and pollutants from our water. In the area I live in, the Collin County area, it seems to be a very safe place. Public schools are rated very high, and the police of Allen and surrounding cities are some of the best in the nation, unfortunately all of Texas isn’t Collin County and our state government needs to focus on fixing the rest of the states needs.

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