The Texas Lottery Commission

The Texas Lottery Commission

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Everyday, there are a lot of people who play lottery in Texas. Is the lottery a good idea? Can we get happiness from winning the lottery? There are more questions to be considered concerning to the lottery. In this paper, I will write about the Texas Lottery Commission, and how it was established, its purpose, the organization and the current leader.
The Texas lottery is a lottery, which is available in Texas. It is operated by the government, and its headquarter is situated in downtown Austin, Texas. The lottery in Texas was created by the House Bill 54, which was signed by the governor in a special session of the 72nd legislature. Voter’s approval was required before The Lottery Act could take effect. Therefore, House Bill 1587 of the 73rd legislature in regular session established the Texas Lottery Commission in 1993.
The Texas Lottery Commission created a competition for its lottery logo. Designs from a contracted agency competed against the designs of the general public. One logo from each side was placed in head to head in a competition and the winning logo was a cowboy hat thrown high in celebration. The winner was Susan Holten from Carrollton from the public design, and the logo is still in use today.
The lottery’s first game was the Lone Star Millions, which was a scratch-off ticket, and it was sold to the governor Ann Richard at Polk’s Feed Store in Oak Hill. First day sales as well as first week sales set a world record.
Lotto Texas began sales on November 7, 1992 and its first drawing was on November 14, 1992. On November 28, 1992 the first jackpot was won. By 1993 the sales of Lottery exceeded over one billion dollars, breaking the record of Florida Lottery’s record, which was set in 1989.
The Texas Commission most important purpose is to administer the Texas Lottery, which had been authorized by a constitutional amendment approved by the voters in November 1991, and which had been administered by the Office of the Comptroller of Public Accounts, 1991-1993. In April 1994, the newfound commission was made responsible for the Texas Bingo Enabling Act, which was transferred from the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission. The commission's executive director is required to exercise strict control over all lottery games conducted in Texas, to ensure integrity, security, honesty, and fairness.
In 2003, Texas joined the Mega Millions consortiums.

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The sales began in December 3, 2003 and the first drawing to include Texas was two days later. The first Texas winner of Mega Millions was drawn on October 4, 2004, and a Carrollton player took home the $101 Million dollars prize home.
Upon the agreement of the cross-selling arrangement between the operators of Mega Millions and Powerball, the Texas Lottery Commission agreed to begin selling Powerball tickets on January 31, 2010; the first drawing including Texas was three days later.
The Texas Lottery Commission has the following six major administrative areas such as, Information Systems, Marketing, Security, financial administration, charitable bingo operation and lottery operation. The Charitable Bingo and Security offices are headquartered in Austin and have regional offices in Dallas, El Paso, Houston, Odessa, and San Antonio.
The Texas Lottery Commission has three members, who are appointed by the governor with the advice and consent of the senate for overlapping six-year terms. One member must have experience in the bingo industry. Then, the governor names the chair. The laws governing lottery and bingo activities involve extensive conflict-of-interest provisions that apply to commission members and employees as well as to game operators and sales agents.
Governor Rick Perry has appointed Jodie Baggett Ozona and Katie Stavinoha of The Woodlands to the Texas Lottery Commission. The commission monitored the Texas Lottery, and ensures lottery and bingo games are conducted in a legal and fair manner. Baggett is appointed for the term to expire in February 1, 2017 while Stavinoha’s term to expire is in February 1, 2019.

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