Texas : Complex And Diverse Political System Essay

Texas : Complex And Diverse Political System Essay

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Texas government
Texas has complex and diverse political system. The current Texas has a list of qualities, resources, cultures, and political dynamics that defines it and distinguishes it from other States. Some diversities observed include economic interests and activities, ethnic backgrounds, regional variation, and political interests. The complex and diverse economic, institutional, historical, geographic and social forces describe how Texans regard or rather view themselves. The factors as mentioned above and more others inherent in the Texan People determine the politics system for the State of Texas.
The Texas political structure can be classified into three main ideological types. These include economic liberalism which sides in the free market economy, social conservatism which favor traditional values and moralism, and populism which promotes the rights of the public. These ideological concepts have created a dominant political culture that is skewed to favor low taxes, minimal government services, and pro-business policies. However, the issues of low taxes and minimal government services can be risking factors at times since they lead to little support of the government to the public and individualism. In my understanding, there are some sectors such as security, education, housing and health that are so sensitive and needs total government intervention.
The Texas government is well structured starting from the top national government going down to the local governments. Each sub-division of the government offers extensive services to the citizens. As a state, Texas has its constitution to which it conforms in all matters related to its residents. In additions, some local governmen...

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