Essay about Testing The Food You Eat Really Helps You

Essay about Testing The Food You Eat Really Helps You

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Recording the food you eat really helps you see what nutrients you are getting in your average day. After doing this assignment for three days I have found that I don’t meet the standards that the USDA has set calories wise, yet when it comes to nutrition, I’m not too far behind.

According to the USDA, for a 2,000 calorie diet, you need to consume about 130 grams of carbohydrates a day. My average for the three day period was 138 grams. My average is slightly higher than the target average that the USDA provides. Your carbohydrates also need to be 45- 65% of your calorie intake; my average was at 57%. I need to lower my carbohydrates because heart problems run through my genetic history and extra carbohydrates can lead to blood pressure spikes and extra potential energy, that if you don’t use it will turn into fat. I should find a different snack to eat in between meals other than crackers. I often find myself eating a full sleeve of crackers with some kind of cheese or dip. For me, crackers are a fast and easy snack that does not take a lot of cleaning up, as well as the fact that they are cheap to buy. Cutting down on this bad snacking habit will not only lower my intake of carbohydrates buy my sodium intake as well.

The USDA also recommends that you should be eating about 46 grams of protein a day, that’s 10- 30% of your daily calories. For protein, my averages were 41 grams and that took up 17% of my daily calories. I usually don’t get much protein throughout the day unless I have eggs for breakfast or a sandwich for lunch; which is rare. I get my protein from my dinner meals and it is usually in the form of a roast or chicken. I should eat more protein to help me not feel so tired or fatigued all the time; to give me more...

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...ving high blood pressure, and high blood pressure is something that is very common in my family.

According to the USDA, you should also have 26 grams of dietary fiber a day. This is actually the only main Macronutrient that I am deficient in. In my three day period I only had 23 grams of dietary fiber. Not having enough fiber in your diet can lead to quite a few different digestive problems throughout your life. I am not too worried about this being lower than the recommended amount of grams because it is so close to the 26 grams. Yet, in my diet as a whole I am sure that this could result in a problem. To increase the fiber in my diet I should be eating more beans such as lima beans or kidney beans. I should also start getting ready faster in the morning so that way I will have time to make myself a breakfast of oats and berries to gain even more fiber in my diet.

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