Testing On Animals For Cosmetic Or Medical Research Should Be Banned Essay

Testing On Animals For Cosmetic Or Medical Research Should Be Banned Essay

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Over 100 million animals are burned, crippled, poisoned and abused in U.S. labs every year. Animals as small as mice and as large as chimpanzees that grow to the equivalent of grown men. These creatures have no defense mechanisms like they would in the wild or even in a sanctuary. They are tied up, shoved in cages and ripped away from any form of happiness they could be granted. All of this is done for the sake of medical research or even worse, cosmetic testing. “Testing on animals for cosmetic or medical research should be banned because most diseases are unique to human beings” (Tatchell). Many countries have already banned the testing of products on animals and many of the attempted medical trials and experiments have failed miserably.
A dog is a dog and not a human so as it could have been logical to test on dogs and rodents centuries ago, there is no reason for it now with all of the medical and technological advances we have made as a whole for product testing. Different species are going to react differently to different drugs. With that being said, to test a drug for human beings on a dog over and over again expecting better results is downright foolish. “In 1989 researchers at the pharmaceutical giant Merck, Sharp & Dohme (MSD) were working on a promising protease drug. Development was going well until the scientists decided to test the new therapy on dogs and rats. They all died” (Tatchell). If a disease is unique to a human being, then testing on a dog is going to interfere with the success of a drug. Testing on the animal could prove to be going significantly well and when human trials start, the drug has the potential to kill the human trial subject.
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...te having been declared safe after 7 years of animal research” (Tatchell). The fact is animal testing should be banned because different species have different reactions to drugs. That is probably the strongest reason other countries have already placed bans on animal testing, along with the fact that most of them fail miserably. The easiest way to help out these animals is becoming conscious and simply looking to see if the products you use have been tested on animals. You may lose a few of your favorite brands, but it will be so worth it when animal testing is eradicated and these animals can be saved by families, not “adopted” by research facilities to make their lives miserable. Put yourself in those poor animal’s shoes, would you want to be crippled and have your freedom ripped away from you to test products to make someone pretty? No one would. Not even animals.

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