Testing Is A Fair Assessment Of Intelligence? Essay

Testing Is A Fair Assessment Of Intelligence? Essay

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1. Do you think the test was a fair assessment of intelligence?
I do not think that a single test can accurately assess an individual’s intelligence or their potential. Intelligence testing was once considered the most accurate way to measure an individual’s potential based on a single score. I have taken a variety of these tests throughout my lifetime, with varying results. Personally, I do not believe the results of this type of testing are a proper assessment of an anyone’s potential on its own. I have taken general IQ tests three times in my life resulting in three different scores 110, 119, & 131. IQ tests claim to measure intelligence with a likely predictor of individual success based on these numbers. While in primary school, I received a score of 110, prompting the education system to lump me into a grouping of other children that also scored within this average intelligence. I am confident that mentally this score decided my perception of my abilities to both preform and succeed in school. When I struggled with any class work, it was immediately decided that I was not applying myself, this began a downward spiral in both my schoolwork and self-esteem. Punishment and peer shaming were commonplace in the 1970’s leaving me to hope for passing D’s. In the following years, I was bounced from “special” classes to advanced classes, while the education system tried to figure out why I was not living up to my 110 IQ potential.
2. Which questions do you feel most accurately gauged "intelligence?" Which did you find bothersome?
The questions that utilize math and general problem solving can accurately assess an individual’s ability to test in math and general problem solving. These questions answered can allow for an ...

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... thankfulness should be introduced by managers or supervisors, and is best done subtly. Forcing employees to state something for which they are grateful, or say something positive about a co-worker, can seem insincere. Managers who send just one e-mail a day recognizing a positive act that contributed to a positive outcome at work, or outside volunteer accomplishments or executives who start meetings by focusing on positive strides or outstanding contributors, often find that a more positive tone follows naturally. Feeling appreciated, many experts say, is usually the first step to being truly satisfied on the job. Personally this information is valuable to any interactions with other individuals, with a better understanding of the mind-body connection we are all more aware of our own mind-body connection and the mind-body connection of the people we interact with.

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