Essay about Testing For Medical And Cosmetic Products

Essay about Testing For Medical And Cosmetic Products

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When you reach for a cosmetic product or even medication you do so in confidence that these products have been tested and are safe for you to use. You use these products knowing that they have been tested repeatedly, but do you know how they have been tested? It turns out that many of the products that you use every day such as cosmetics and even medication have been tested thoroughly on animals (Abbot). These test that are being ran are supposed to be for our safety but in many cases “the results of testing on animals are different from the results of testing on humans because we have different physiologies and metabolisms” (Callanan 20). These test on animals are not only unnecessary and sometimes give false results but they cause harm to the defenseless animals that are being held captive. These test need to be stopped because of these false results and poor conditions the animals are being held in.
While there have been leaps and bounds in the development of alternative testing options for medical and cosmetic products the number of animals being tested on has increased rather than decreased. Every year “millions of animals are used legally” for experimentation on drugs and cosmetics. “Despite the development of advanced alternatives to animal experimentation, the number of animals used nationally has been increasing over the past decade. In 2007, 3.1 million animals were used in procedures” (Callanan 19). These test do not deliver the results one would expect, however, from the sheer volume of animals being tested upon. In 2006 six people volunteered for a clinical trial for an anti-inflammatory drug that had already been tested on monkeys. This drug was deemed safe for clinical trials after these test on monkeys showed no si...

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...into small cages or tubes and be put through rigorous testing that may or may not yield the desired results. These test cause unnecessary harm to the animals involved and leave them suffering until they are finally killed.
Animal testing is in no way acceptable. These animals do feel pain but do not have a voice to let whomever is conducting the experiment know that they are feeling this pain. With all the other alternative methods for testing drugs and other products there is no reason to continue this ancient method of testing on live animals. This method of testing is outdated and not only puts animals in harm’s way but may not even yield the correct results. Animal testing needs to come to a stop not only because they do not have a voice and cannot tell when they are uncomfortable or feeling pain, but because they are outdated and may not give accurate results.

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