Testing Facilities And Testing At Three Different Sites Within The Testing Arena

Testing Facilities And Testing At Three Different Sites Within The Testing Arena

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Test four had an increase in complexity with the addition of another rope at site three of the testing areas. Three ropes were now being used at three different sites within the testing arena. This was the test in which an age-related response pattern was observed. Refer to table one for specific procedures for test four for all of the animal groups participating in this test (Hiestand 2011). Consult figures one, two, and three in order to gain a better understanding of the testing arenas used for this test (Hiestand 2011). Group I used long ropes in site one, half-length ropes in site two, and short ropes in site three. The adult wolves in this group did well despite the most difficult criteria of the test and had a success rate of approximately 71%, while only failing two of their trials. The adult wolves were required to pull these ropes in order and had they not been held to the sequential order rope pulling requirement, they would have had a higher success percentage of 90%. The dog in Group I had to have altered cues to ensure it kept responding, had the ordinality requirement removed, had the short rope moved to site one, and the other more familiar ropes at the other sites. In Group II the juveniles had long ropes in site one, half-length ropes in site two, and short ropes in site three. They also had modified cues, were not required to pull the ropes in order and had their short length rope moved to site one. The young wolves did not do nearly as well as they had in previous tests as they only had two successful trials in which all three of the ropes were pulled causing them to have a success rate of only 18.2%. All dog Groups of III, V, VI, and VII used short ropes in site one, long ropes in site two, and long ropes in s...

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...p II were being treated for eye problems due to Coronavirus, which could have impaired their visual capabilities and therefore led to a lowered ability to perform well in the tests. Other problems that were notable in this study was the fact that the juveniles were not involved in all of the studies despite the fact that their performance was supposed to be used to compare with adult dogs to see if they had roughly the same level of performance. The low number of adult wolves used in this study was also an issue as only having two adults is a very small number to be used for comparison to the other groups. According to the author of this study, the capability of an animal’s brain and cognitive abilities could possibly reveal similarities to human brain function in cognitive abilities and processes that we could use to further aid in understanding human capabilities.

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