Essay about The Test Prep And The War

Essay about The Test Prep And The War

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As education students get ready to graduate and start working as new teachers, they much to worry about than what most people think. It’s no longer only about teaching or preparing lessons, there is a huge amount of issues, concerns, and politics involved. One of the main subjects is standardized testing, new teachers have to prepare their students for those test while still providing the students with rich learning experiences, and meaningful lessons. But these teachers may have to sacrifice many of those great lessons in order to meet the requirements and expectations from the school, and instead spend more time on getting students ready for high-stake tests. New teachers have to find creative ways in order to do this, finding ways to prepare the students while also providing them with interesting materials that are interesting and engaging to them. “Test Prep and the War” was the story of a teacher, Jessica Klonsky, in a low-income school in New York City, working with a predominantly latino and ELL students as she tried to prepare them to take and pass the required State test in order to graduate. The unit the teacher created was created to help students be better prepared for that test that addresses nonfiction writing skills, she also used this unit as a way to cover a significant current even at the time the War in Iraq.She included opportunities for the students to work on assignments where they had to compare how the media portrayed the war from different viewpoints, including news from outside the U.S.. They were also able to watch the documentary Fahrenheit 9/11 by Michael Moore and asked to write down key statements provided during the documentary in a graphic organizer provided. “Because part of the Rege...

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...nto account are their future special education students. Regardless if a new teacher teaches in a resource, self-contained, or regular education classroom, he or she will have students with special needs. New teachers have to remember that they may be the one who can truly make a difference in these students’ lives. It’s important that as an educator, new teachers help not only prepare special education students for testing but that they stay alert as to which test the students are taking. For instance, In “Exit Strategies:Confronting Faulty Graduation Test”, Latricia Wilson, a former student from Memphis shares her personal story, and how she graduated with a special education diploma instead of a regular one. The main reason why Latricia did not receive a regular diploma was because she had failed an exit exam that had just been implemented that year at her school.

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