Test Case Name Description Step Number Step Description Expected Uat Data

Test Case Name Description Step Number Step Description Expected Uat Data

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Test Case Name Description Step Number Step Description Expected UAT Data
TC01_Verify "BriovaRx Online Refill" page Review "BriovaRx Online Refill" form 1 Login to optumrx.com with valid credentials Member should be able to login to portal successfully Migrated Member with Scriptmed Specialty refills.
2 "Navigate the ""BriovaRx Specialty Medications ' section and click on the ""Refill Now"" button
" "Refill Now" button will redirect to "BriovaRx Online Refill" page
3 "Verify the label of the request page
" The label shall say "BriovaRx Online Refill"
4 "Verify content on ""BriovaRx Online Refill"" page
" **** Content****
5 "Verify ""Personal Information"" section displays the following attributes:
- Frist Name
- Last Name and
- Date of Birth fields" "Below fields on the form will be prepopulated
- First Name:
- Last Name:
- DOB:
6 "Verify ""Refill Information"" section displays the following attributes:
- Prescription Name/Number
- <>
- Delivery Date
- ""Include Supplies?"" text
- ""Yes, Standard Sharps Container"" and
- ""Yes, Alcohol Preps"" check boxes " "• Prescription Number ·  From the selection on dashboard
Drug Name + Prescription Number
• <> – will display a pop up with the medications that can be added to the cart.

•Delivery Date: Calendar popup displaying next delivery available dates
•Include Supplies
-  Yes - standard sharps container
-  Yes - alcohol preps
7 "Verify ""Clinical Information"" section displays the following questions:
- How many days ' supply of medication do you have left?
- How many does of your medication have you missed?
- Are you experiencing any side effects from your medication?
- Have you ...

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...e “SAVE” button
" The system will update the email address
5 "Click on the “CANCEL” button
" “CANCEL” the updated shipping info is not saved to the form

TC05_Calendar popup Verify calendar 1 Login to optumrx.com with valid credentials Member should be able to login to portal successfully Use same data from test case 2
2 Navigate the "BriovaRx Online Refill ' page
3 Scroll down to "Refill Information" section and click on "Calendar" icon Calendar popup displaying
4 Select days in the past or today’s date or next business day. Delivery dates will be grey out
5 Chose Delivery Date for any Thursdays, Fridays, or Saturdays in future If order is placed on Thursdays, Fridays, AND Saturdays, THEN next business day is available
6 Verify member select up to 365 days in the future Delivery Date will not be available on holidays

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