Test Anxiety And Its Effects Essay

Test Anxiety And Its Effects Essay

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Test anxiety is a common phenomenon among students and is a problem among the education system. According to 1 and 14, test anxiety is an unpleasant emotional experience or fear of failing, before or during important examinations. Unpleasant experiences consist of dread, fear, apprehension, worry, tension, and doubt which makes test situations appear threatening (1, 2, 5, 6, & 8). These experiences decrease one’s ability to cope with stressful testing situations and inhibits performance ability. Test anxiety also compromises psychological, physiological, and behavioral reactions that impact academic progress (10, & 19). Across many student populations, test anxiety is a serious problem that is affecting educational performance and progress for many school-aged youth (5, 9, 11, & 19). Due to the extensive effects of anxiety and its negative consequences, the sources of anxiety and its effects should be specified in order to find appropriate interventions and coping mechanisms.
Test anxiety is situation specific where more threatening situations trigger more anxiety, decreasing confidence and performance ability. Test anxiety can be classified into three main factors: personality, educational, and family-related. Personality factors consist of low self-confidence, general anxiety, prior disappointment, competiveness, as well as a negative attitude towards school (1, 5, & 11). These factors stem from individual beliefs that no matter what is done, failure will be the result. However, internal beliefs are not the only personality factors. Instead, unsuitable studying skills or insufficient studying time can also trigger anxiety (1 & 5). Lack of studying can lead a student to feel unprepared causing them to dreed the upcoming test.

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...reduced test anxiety in students. Combining relaxation with test taking strategies can decrease test anxiety even more.
13 wanted to understand how to reduce anxiety and they found that not only can students relax and use strategies but introducing collaborative testing can be affective as well. Collaborative testing is where students work together to discuss examination questions and agree on answers to tests, an extension of collaborative learning which has shown to improve student involvement. Twice as many students earned higher total scores under the collaborative condition than when working alone (13). Collaborative testing is a worthwhile technique that justifies greater time and effort put into training and preparation for effective discussions. This is especially true for students with high anxiety levels or in classes in which students tend to be anxious.

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