Essay on Tesco 's Legal Factors, And Social Media Presence

Essay on Tesco 's Legal Factors, And Social Media Presence

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Social Factors:
Customer demands are changing, and include the demand for a higher level of CSR, greater responsiveness to customer feedback, accessibility to sustainable goods, and organic foods and more. ASDA is more aware and responsive to these because of their active CSR campaign, and social media presence (ASDA Sustainability; 2016; Penderous, 2013). However, TESCO has an online shopping platform, clubcard services, and social media presence, all of which are +supporting social interaction with consumers and ongoing loyalty, largely built on a perceived social relationship (Molloy, 2016; Drennan, 2012).
Technological Factors:
ASDA is said to have an average ovearll technology adoption process, but under scrutiny appears to be adopting technology at a much slower rate than consumers (Handley, 2014). In contrast the launch of TESCO;s mobile app shows that they are actively pursuing cutting edge technology and the edge it can give them in terms of retail strategy (Drum, 2016).
Legal Factors:
ASDA’s legal factors are far simpler than TESCO’s because they have not, to date, expanded internationally. This means that they only have to adhere to, and account for, UK’s regulatory statutes. In contrast TESCO must re structure their retail approach to fit the demands of each country they enter to ensure that they are legally aligned with the regulations set for the in that market. Further, both brands are currently dealing with a crack down by the competitive commission and potential changes in the regulation in the UK regarding price wars (Thompson, 2009; Jones, 2015).

As briefly touched upon under social factors, there is a growing call for sustainability, organic produce, and reduced environmental footprint. Bo...

... middle of paper ... In contrast, ASDA has focused on developing hypermarts that allow them to take a market leadership position in multiple niches, including clothing, and grocery niches, as well as allowing them to offer a multitude of on-site services. Further, ASDA has remained UK local, and has not, to date, branched to international markets, while TESCO has branched to more than 13 countries, and has leveraged the open trade of the EU, and opportunities in emerging markets, like China. Overall, both companies are extremely successful, but have faced recent losses and challenges which are addressed in their unique set of objectives for the current fiscal period. The diversity of their retail approach, when compared, provides a significant case study for understanding how different businesses can approach the same target market, in pursuit of market acquisition and success.

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