Terrorism : The United States And The Department Of Homeland Security Essay

Terrorism : The United States And The Department Of Homeland Security Essay

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The Ezell and the other authors introduce other tools and ideas, such as a theoretical approach and system dynamics that will prove to be useful when dealing with terrorist threats daily within the U.S. and may help find an end to the war on terror that devastates the world. The biggest problem for the United States and the Department of Homeland Security is that terrorists can adapt to avoid the detection in America (Ezell, B. C., et, al., 2010, November 4).
By the same token, the scholarly web page named What We Investigate provides many different aspects of the concept of terrorism. For example, the web page discusses counterintelligence, civil rights, public corruption, freedom fighters, violent crime, and the joint terrorism task forces (FBI, 2015, October 30). The priorities of this web page are to inform the people of the United States of possible identifications of terrorist attacks and to protect the people from cyber-based attacks and high-technology crimes that affect in the United States every day (FBI, 2015, October 30). The mission of this web page is to safeguard the American people and the U.S. Constitution. The web page wants to help protect American civil liberties and transnational combat crime and national crime organizations that impact the United States every day and fights violent terrorist acts (FBI, 2015, October 30). The authors of the web page want to go in-depth discussing internal national terrorism and how it is the dangerous and violent actions that can be harmful to a person 's life violating state and local laws.
Furthermore, the scholarly web page Anti-Terrorism Information talks about the Anti-Terrorism Advisory Council that was created after the deadly attacks of 9/11 and how it coordinates wi...

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...dren in Hiroshima and Nagasaki (Houle, 2005, p. 100). The problem is the United States sets standards for stockpiling and the use of weapons of mass destruction for other countries, but not itself.
Lastly, Houle 's book provides significant information and an overview of the concept of terrorism. The author has adamant views on the uses and stockpiles of weapons of mass destruction. She has supportive views that the Palestine Liberation Organization should not be classified as a terrorist group but as freedom fighters. Lastly, she provided examples of how terrorism was used throughout history.
Finally, there are many pros and cons of the impact of freedom fighters throughout the world. Terrorism has been a key factor for the people of society to see freedom fighters. Freedom fighters ' causes and beliefs can be described as good versus evil in many people 's eyes.

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