Terrorism Has Become A Huge Dilemma Nationwide Essay

Terrorism Has Become A Huge Dilemma Nationwide Essay

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As the world is evolving briskly, terrorism has become a huge dilemma nationwide. Just recently, on November 13, 2015 France has experienced, it’s first Paris Attacks.
Almost, after one and half week past by, Mark Kirk, a junior United States Senator from Illinois and a member of the Republican Party wrote an op-ed: We’ve already let terrorists in as refugees, saying that Barack Obama should “pause the intake of Syrian refugees until we can be 100 percent guaranteed that no ISIS terrorist can take advantage of America’s goodwill and sneak into the country” (Kirk). On the other hand, Tammy Duckworth, an American politician and also who has been the 8th U.S representative for Illinois, wrote an op-ed saying Reject Fearmongers, Welcome Syrian Refugees “called for the United States to admit 200,000 Syrian refugees… 20 times more refugees than the Obama administration has,” after the Paris Attacks (Kirk). Although Kirk wants “to keep the American people safe,” he should not have called Tammy Duckworth’s oped about having “the United States to admit 200,000 Syrian Refugees, as a result of the halting Syrian refugee program meant the terrorists won” a “reckless and extreme” plan because the Islamic State includes more of “both those whose lives were shattered Friday night in Paris, as well as the millions of Syrians who have been displaced and are seeking refuge” than us rejecting “to stop terrorists from entering our country” (Kirk, Duckworth).
Right after the Paris Attacks, it left many people dead and wounded their homeland, to demonstrate the situation they were in, Bob Catterall, who was formally a member of the academic staff of Newcastle and now an editor of City, writes, citizens are identifying themselves as victims o...

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...alled Tammy Duckworth’s oped about having “the United States to admit 200,000 Syrian Refugees, as a result of the halting Syrian refugee program meant the terrorists won” a “reckless and extreme” plan because the Islamic State includes more of “both those whose lives were shattered Friday night in Paris, as well as the millions of Syrians who have been displaced and are seeking refuge” than us rejecting “to stop terrorists from entering our country” (Kirk, Duckworth). Adding to this, Michael J. Sandel noted, “Act only on the maxim through which you can at the same time will that it should become a universal law [of nature]” (Sandel 120). In a Deontological point of view, Kant’s categorical imperative 1 requires that the United States should let the refugees in to our country, not because of why the refugees are called terrorists but because of how they are suffering

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