Terrorism, Domestic Terrorism And Homeland Security Essay

Terrorism, Domestic Terrorism And Homeland Security Essay

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The United States has seen a change in its security situation over the last three decades. Before the 9/11 attack, U.S. concentrated on preventing the attack of its citizens and property by jihadists who were mostly affiliated to Muslim countries. Still, U.S. authorities tracked the footsteps of all foreign-grown movements that posed a danger to the property and U.S. citizens working out the United States. After the 9/11 attacks, the U.S. began focusing on a more comprehensive and robust system to protect the United States from both domestic and international terrorism attacks., Domestic and international groups carried a similar security risk and threat. The country, therefore, needed a vigorous security system to counter both international and domestic terrorism activities (The White House, 2011). This plan saw forth formation of homeland security bringing together several agencies to share intelligence and in so doing boost security. This paper examines terrorism, domestic terrorism, and homeland security and the histories connecting them before and after 9/11 attack which marks a huge chapter in United States history. The cooperation between fighting both terrorism, domestic terrorism, and homeland security also demonstrate how the homeland security will save the U.S. from domestic terrorism.
Terrorism, in the realm of the Federal Bureau of Investigations, is an unlawful use of violence and force against people or property to coerce a ruling government or intimidate people, civilians, or any other group of people to achieve a political or social objective. Terrorism can be domestic or international depending on the objectives, origin, and the base of the terrorist organizations. Domestic terrorism is the unauthorized use or th...

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... organizations should, therefore, direct their donations to vulnerable groups to kill the intergenerational handing over of terrorist activities. Specifically, world leaders should set aside funds to educate marginalized and poor groups in Pakistan and other terrorist breeding grounds as they are vulnerable to recruitment by terrorist groups (Kean, 2005). Further, the world should discourage terrorism by establishing the rule of law in all countries. Unlawful or unstable countries form a conducive environment for terrorists to operate, recruit and expand their network worldwide. In a similar manner, the world should unite in discouraging the spread of extremist ideologies and cut any other facilitation channel. Specifically, modern technologies such as electronic money transfer and communication platforms should not be used to recruit or support terrorism activities.

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